Comfortable Beds For Shelters

Comfortable Beds For Shelters

Every homeless shelter owner or manager knows that the one thing they have to be able to offer residents is a bed – every resident deserves a warm, comfortable, and clean bed that they can use for a night, a day, or for an extended period time. Here at Shelter Outfitters, we’re firm believers that no human being should sleep without a bed – not for an hour, not for a night. With that said, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of comfortable beds for shelters that come with a high quality guarantee and an affordable price tag.

All you have to do is take a look down below to learn more about some of the beds for shelters that we have to offer. From there, head on over to our website and browse our variety of homeless shelter furniture products to help you outfit your space with high quality furniture pieces for a price that doesn’t break the budget.

Series 600 Single Bed

Providing a comfortable place for your residents to spend the night doesn’t have to break the bank. The Series 600 Single Bed is a high quality bed that features an all-metal frame, perfect for long-term use. With a price range that sits below $250, you can affordably furnish your entire living space with a number of durable and comfortable adjustable metal beds.

Series 300 Single Bed

Our Series 300 Single Bed is one of the most popular options that we have in our bedding collection – and for good reason. Featuring an all-metal frame, our Series 300 bed is simple, cost-effective, and strong. The attractive round tube metal construction offers some added visual appeal, making your space more warm, welcoming, and inviting for your residents. Not to mention, it comes in at an affordable price that doesn’t break your budget.

Series 100 Single Bed

As the most basic all-metal frame bed that we have to offer, our Series 100 Single Bed provides you with an affordable sleeping solution that doesn’t disappoint. As durable and strong as they come, our Series 100 Single Bed is a wonderful option for those with a low budget. Coming in at under $150 per bed, you can easily furnish your space without giving your budget a second thought.

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If you’re ready to get your hands on some of the most high quality and affordable homeless shelter furniture currently available in the market, then head on over to Shelter Outfitters today to see what we have to offer. Browse through our bunk beds and be sure to view the ones that we listed in this article. From there, place your order and furnish your homeless shelter the right way.

It’s time for you to outfit your shelter with the right beds to ensure that every last resident has a comfortable, warm, and cozy place to rest or sleep for the night. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can choose the perfect bed for your shelter.