Homeless Shelter Bunk Beds

Homeless Shelter Bunk Beds

Furnishing your homeless shelter doesn’t have to be difficult – even when you’re tight on space. In today’s world, far too many homeless shelters struggle to find access to the high quality homeless shelter furniture that they need to keep their residents comfortable and safe. With that said, Shelter Outfitters is here to ensure that every last homeless shelter owner or manager has the furniture they need to offer a warm and welcoming environment – even when space is limited.

Along with a variety of homeless shelter furniture, we offer an extensive collection of bunk beds to help homeless shelter owners and managers maximize their space from top to bottom – literally! Today, we’d like to take the time to introduce you to some of our homeless shelter bunk beds. We’ll feature three exciting products that help you make the most of your square footage and stay within your budget all at the same time.

Series 600 Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If you’ve already taken a look at our last blog on bunk beds for shelters, then you already know that we offer a variety of bunk beds. Our Series 600 Twin Over Full Bunk Bed is a wonderful product for homeless shelters that frequently accommodate families or couples. The twin bed on top is perfect for a little one, while their parents can sleep comfortably below them in a full-sized bed.


Series 600 Bunk Bed

Our Series 600 Bunk Bed is one of the most durable bunk bed sin our entire collection. Featuring an all-metal frame, complete with guardrails that run along all sides of the top bunk, and two ladders from the foot and headboard to climb up top, this bunk bed is a quality piece of furniture. Perfect for families with little ones who love the excitement of the top bunk – keep them safe with the all-around guardrails.


Series 400 Bunk Bed Square Tube

The Series 400 Bunk Bed Square Tube is a basic metal bunk bed that saves space and provides a simple and easy setup and installation for homeless shelter managers and personnel. These beds are high quality, strong, and durable, ensuring that they’re always up to the task of providing a safe and comfortable place to sleep for your residents.


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If you’re ready to get your hands on some of the most high quality and affordable homeless shelter furniture currently available in the market, then head on over to Shelter Outfitters today to see what we have to offer. Browse through our bunk beds and be sure to view the ones that we listed in this article. From there, place your order and furnish your homeless shelter the right way.

Take advantage of every square foot by adding more beds UP, not to the side. In other words, build up and give your residents more opportunities to find a bed each and every night. It’s time to outfit your shelter the right way.